Friday, 21 June 2013

Bushmeat hunting in savannahs; a review

In a recent issue of Biological Conservation, our partners at Panthera co-authored a paper summarizing existing knowledge about the bushmeat trade in African savannah systems garnered from a wide range of conservation practitioners and published sources. Information on bushmeat hunting methods, prevalence, patterns, impacts and drivers across numerous countries was presented and discussed, and recommendations were made. The authors concluded that the problem is serious and complex, and highlighted the need for urgent efforts.

Lindsey PA, Balme G, Becker M, Begg C, Bento C, Bocchino C, Dickman A, Diggle RW, Eves H, Henschel P, Lewis D, Marnewick K, Mattheus J, Weldon McNutt J, McRobb R, Midlane N, Milanzi J, Morley R, Murphree M, Opyene V, Phadima J, Purchase G, Rentsch D, Roche C, Shaw J, Westhuizen Hvd, Vliet NV, Zisadza-Gandiwa P, 2013. The bushmeat trade in African savannas: Impacts, drivers, and possible solutions. Biological Conservation 160:80-96.

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